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Our story

My name is Daniel, a current high school senior in Mexico City, Mexico. As a student captivated by the business world, I identified an opportunity to establish an educational platform centered on our ability to make wise decisions. 

In the summer of 2022, I developed Aninvestor: a project that links several relevant concepts in a digestible manner for a holistic understanding of modern finance. This project began with designs on, a domain on, templates on google sheets, and the mission to empower users around the world with a continuous, organized, and high-quality learning experience.

I would like to specially thank Andres Acevedo Vega, a friend and fellow high school senior, for his invaluable contributions in the form of research & collaboration, and Abel Domínguez Rish, another friend and fellow senior at our school, for his assistance with the website’s promotion.

Aninvestor envisions a reality where people have access to equal opportunities and firmly believes that high-quality education, starting with financial literacy, can be the catalyst for a positive transformation toward a prosperous future.

Together in the Journey,
Daniel Tuero

A word about choice... and finance

At all times we are surrounded by choices. Some are bound to be made by destiny, while others fall into our hands. In the world we live in, long term stability and prosperity often depend on financial decisions.


Fortunately, through curiosity and perseverance, we can become knowledgeable in these topics, empowering us to make wiser decisions. 

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